SEO webwriting

Get your website propelled up the Google rankings

Do you have lots of visitors to your website but they don’t spend much time there – and they don’t get in touch with you?

I am a certified SEO webwriter who can help drive more traffic and generate higher conversion rates

How do I do this? Well, there are four main ways Google currently works out site rankings:

How relevant your content is to the person searching
That’s where an SEO writer like me, who knows about keywords, comes in. The trick is getting the right keyword phrases and putting them in the right places and using them the right number of times.

How long visitors spend on your site
Google reckons that if people want to spend time on your site then the content must be interesting and informative. Again, that’s where I come in. I turn features and facts into compelling, benefits-led copy that really engages with the reader.

How many other sites link to yours
If you have lots of links from other websites pointing to your site, then Google assumes you must be an authority site. This is not a task I get involved in but I can certainly recommend experts who can do this for you.

How often you update your site
Every time you add new content, the Google spiders come and crawl your site. If you don’t update your site, they will forget about you. Again, this is where I can help – by updating your webpages on a regular basis with keyword-rich content that Google spiders will love reading.

Get in touch if you’d like me to give your website some more Google juice.