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What Others Say

Here’s what others say who have benefited from my LinkedIn profile writing service:

  • “Carole is a creative copywriter who gets to understand through her listening and questioning skills what you want to put across and how it will land with your target audience. She has good attention to detail. She worked with me on my LinkedIn profile. I can recommend Carole.”

    Debbie Scola
  • “Carole is an excellent copywriter who has very intuitive listening skills. She has assisted me in writing my Linked in Profile and I was very impressed with how she approached the task. From a short meeting, she is able to collate your strengths and experience into a summary which really sums up the message required to reach your target audience. She is very perceptive and her experience means that she ‘gets’ what you and your business need immediately. I can highly recommend Carole to drive you and your business forward through assisting with your Linked in profile.”

    Suzie Rendle