Developing copy strategy

Does what you write reflect who you are?

Your tone of voice reflects the core values of your company or your brand. It enables your personality to shine through via the written word and sends clear signals to your target audience about who you are and what you stand for.

It’s all about HOW you write and WHAT you write. After all, the way you sound is as important as the way you look.

And your tone of voice isn’t just something the marketing department adheres to. It needs to filter down through every form of written communications, throughout the whole organisation.

I can help you define your tone of voice. And I can write a comprehensive style guide for you that will help everyone in your organisation understand how to write in the new way.

If you are rebranding, I can also help you define your vision statement and your mission statement and come up with a new strapline for you. And I can write your brand guidelines.

How tone of voice projects work

Hire me to develop a new tone of voice for your company and you will receive the following:

Step 1: Initial meeting to:
a) understand your organisation’s core values/personality traits
b) discuss how to find the tone of voice that aligns with your company’s personality
c) review your existing tone of voice in marketing materials/in-house communications

Step 2: I will produce a document that:
a) summarises the discussion arising from a, b and c above
b) explores key words/phrases/associations that represent your core values, as well as words and phrases that are the opposite and should NOT be used

Step 3: Progress meeting at your offices to discuss this document

Step 4:  I will make any necessary amends to this document and add the following:
a) five ‘before’ and ‘after’ example paragraphs taken from existing materials (eg: your website, brochure, internal email, client letter, document or report etc)
b) a checklist of questions to ensure the new tone of voice has been adhered to
c) 40 tips for better business writing
d) a style glossary (or amended existing house style glossary to fit with new tone)

Step 5: Final meeting to discuss the new document

Step 6: Edit document where necessary and final submission to you

Get in touch with me if you would like to discuss a tone of voice project.