Tone of voice guidelines

Tone of voice style guide

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Highlights of our style

We strive to be:

  • clear
  • concise
  • warm
  • confident.
When writing, always ask yourself, am I reflecting these?

This is relevant not just when writing to clients or outside audiences but also when writing within our firm.

  • Ask yourself, who are you writing for?
  • Put yourself in the reader’s shoes: what do they want to hear?
  • What will make them want to read on?
  • Don’t write what you think they want to be told.
  • ‘You’ not ‘we’. Turn your sentences from ‘we are’ and ‘we have’ to ‘you will’ and ‘you can’.
Writing headlines

Headlines whether on brochures, newsletters, fact sheets or articles – are there to:

  • create an impact
  • attract attention
  • encourage people to read on.
They can:
  • promise benefits
  • give news/facts
  • ask a question
  • provide anticipation.

If your headline doesn’t interest your reader, it’s unlikely they’ll read beyond it.

How to write headlines:
  • keep them short
  • make them relevant
  • make them interesting
  • avoid ambiguity
  • ask yourself: will it grab their attention and make them want to turn the page?