Product Brochure (B2B)

Product Brochure (B2B)

  • Client:Stark
  • Agency:Keystone Studios
  • Project:Brochure

On-demand reporting for the energy professional

SavenergyOnline provides the energy professional with a comprehensive online reporting service. Because it’s only by closely monitoring your energy use that you can start to see where waste is occurring.

Powerful, multi-utility energy reporting

SavenergyOnline will enable you to:

  • View and analyse all your half hourly meter data using a single software application
  • Gain both a detailed and broad picture of where, how much and when your organisation is using energy – across all utilities
  • Apply innovative analytical techniques to detect and eliminate energy waste
  • Via permissions, grant any other interested users access to your meters and reports
  • Produce pro forma energy bills – greatly simplifying the validation and payment of all your utility invoices