Newsletter (consumer)

Newsletter (consumer)

  • Client:Williamson & Magor
  • Design Agency:Tinsley Scott
  • Project:Twice-yearly newsletter to Williamson & Magor’s customer database

The wartime cuppa

From munitions factories to military hospitals, from air raid shelters to desert outposts, the humble cuppa played a major part in British people’s lives in the Second World War. A steaming mug of tea at the right moment could work wonders, bringing comfort to the weary and solace to the weak. One of the most popular vehicles was the mobile tea van which delivered millions of cups of tea to troops in camps, hospitals and aerodromes. Fleets of WVS mobile canteens would serve a warm cuppa to dazed Londoners wandering the blitzed streets or sheltering from raids in tube stations.

But it wasn’t just in Britain where tea was appreciated: a tasty ‘cup of char’ fortified pilots before embarking on a raid, warmed divers as they emerged from the freezing sea and raised soldiers’ spirits as they lit their Primus in the jungle. They might not have adhered to the correct rules of brewing but one thing was certain, they certainly enjoyed their hot, brown drink – even if the water had been boiled in an old petrol can.

There really was no substitute for tea – it was brewed to make people feel better. In fact, the tougher the circumstances, the more important the mug of tea became.