Mailshot (consumer)

Mailshot (consumer)

  • Client: Cornhill Direct
  • Project: Letter to accompany mailshot for low-cost life insurance

Dear Mrs Smith

Protect your family’s future from as little as £10 a month – and we’ll return half your payments if you don’t make a claim

How would your family cope financially should the worst happen to you or your partner? With the Guaranteed Cash Back Plan from Cornhill Direct, you no longer have to worry about what might happen.

value-for-money policy that pays out tax-free cash

As you have previously considered life insurance, we’d like to offer you the chance to protect your family’s future with a high-value life policy that provides real value for money. The Guaranteed Cash Back Plan is a low-cost life insurance policy which pays a tax-free lump sum if you were to die. And from just £10 a month, it’s a small price to pay for the peace-of-mind that your family will be secure.

guaranteed cash back if you don’t make a claim

Unlike many other life plans, your money won’t be wasted if you don’t make a claim. That’s because we guarantee to refund you HALF the money paid into the 15-year plan. So, you and your family can enjoy the added bonus of a tidy cash sum if you haven’t had to claim.

we pay your premiums in the last year

And that’s not all. We go one step further in offering real value for money, because we will pay your last year’s premium for you. That means you get 15 years’ cover for the price of 14. Plus, we give preferential rates to non-smokers and women, as the chart below shows:

Look how much life cover you can receive for a low monthly premium, with the Cornhill Guaranteed Cash Back Plan
Monthly premium Non-smoker Smoker cover Cash back if no claim is made
£10 £21,834 £13,052 £900
£12 £26,971 £16,124 £1,080
£15 £34,677 £20,730 £1,350
£20 £47,521 £28,409 £1,800

Based on your age of 32

choose how much you pay

Our Guaranteed Cash Back Plan is not only affordable, it’s flexible too. You can choose from several levels of cover: the more you pay each month, the greater the lump sum benefit your family will receive. So, you decide how much you’d like to pay each month and the amount of security you wish to provide for your family. It’s designed to suit your pocket.

it’s easy to apply

There’s no need to fill in a lengthy medical form or undergo a GP’s examination. All we ask is that you answer five simple Yes/No questions about your health. You’ll see we’ve enclosed two application forms – one for you and one for your partner. Because, with double cover, you’ll have added reassurance that your loved ones will be well provided for.

15 days to change your mind

To apply, please fill in both sides of the application form and return it to us in the pre-paid envelope provided. As long as everything is in order, we will write and let you know your cover has started. Once you receive your documents, you’ll still have 15 days to make sure the plan is exactly what you want. If you decide not to continue, just write ‘cancelled’ on the documents and send them back to us. We’ll refund any payment you’ve made. If you have any questions, please call us free on 0800 521 543 weekdays between 8am and 8pm. We’ll be very happy to help. To improve our customer services, calls may be recorded or monitored.

welcome gift if you apply by 29th September

Apply by 29th September and you’ll qualify for a £10 Bonusbond shopping voucher. So don’t delay.

Yours sincerely

PS: Don’t forget, this plan pays out guaranteed cash if you die and guaranteed cash if you don’t.