Mailshot (B2B)

Mailshot (B2B)

  • Client: London Development Agency
  • Project:To promote a business conference on innovation

The London Innovation Conference

Innovation is the key to success. For your business to survive and grow, you must continue to develop new products and services, seek out new markets and differentiate yourself from the competition. This practical one-day conference will show you how.

The London Development Agency (LDA) and its partners are providing you with the opportunity to meet some of the top innovators in business today and learn first-hand how innovation is a key driver for improved productivity and business success.

Why is innovation important?

Innovation is all about exploiting new ideas and making them succeed. And new ideas are the key to ensuring your business keeps pace with today’s rapidly changing marketplace. It’s not just about designing innovative products, you also need to devise new ways of marketing, new ways of understanding your customers, new ways of motivating your staff, new ways of managing your finances. This one-day conference will show you how to start outperforming your competition by introducing a culture of innovation into your company.

10 reasons for attending
  1. to learn why innovation is important and how you can apply it in practical terms to your own business
  2. to discover how innovation has helped leading UK companies to become more successful
  3. to generate new ideas and become more creative in your thinking with the help of our hands-on workshops
  4. to find out how to introduce a new culture of innovation into your company
  5. to discover how to take your ideas and exploit them commercially
  6. to meet venture capitalists and bankers who could help fund your ideas and gain practical advice about available grant aid
  7. to put your own questions to key British innovators and learn tips from them directly
  8. to access some excellent networking opportunities
  9. to meet university research teams seeking business partners to commercialise their research ideas
  10. to come away with a good understanding of how to make your business fit for the future