Information Leaflet (consumer)

Information leaflet (consumer)

  • Client: TfL
  • Agency: OTM
  • Project: Walking Maps

Walking from Waterloo Station

Did you know it only takes around 15 minutes to walk from Waterloo Station to Westminster or Covent Garden and around 25 minutes to reach the City?

Walking to and from your destination is a healthier, more stress-free alternative to public transport and can often be quicker than catching the bus or Tube. Use our map to help you get there.

Why not walk it?

When you’re going a few stops on the Tube or taking a short bus journey, it’s often quicker by foot – especially in rush hour. So, as well as being free, healthy and environmentally friendly, walking can also save you time.

London is a fantastic city to explore on foot. Walking to and from the station you will discover lots of hidden gems that you wouldn’t normally spot if you travel by bus or Tube.

Find out more about TfL’s walking programmes at