Information Leaflet (B2B)

Information leaflet B2B

  • Client: The Department for Education and Skills
  • Agency: Big Green Door
  • Project: Success for All campaign

What is a Subject Learning Coach?

Someone who:

Has been specially trained to provide peer-to-peer coaching to their colleagues.

  • Shows colleagues how to embrace different ways of teaching, training and learning, using resource materials provided by the Standards Unit.
  • Is imaginative, proactive, and interested in working with others to improve teaching, training and learning.
What we’d like you to do

We would like you to sign up to become a Subject Learning Coach for the academic year 05-06.

We’re looking for coaches in the following subjects:

Phase 1



Entry to Employment (E2E)


Phase 2



Health & Social Care

Land-based Industries

This is a unique opportunity for you to take part in an innovative, nationwide coaching programme that will make a real difference to teaching, training and learning in your organisation. It’s also a great chance for you to be re-energised, inspired and stimulated by your work.