Identity Guidelines

Identity guidelines

  • Client: Merial
  • Project: Writing design guidelines in CD ROM format for all Merial employees and suppliers worldwide

Section 1: The Merial logo

This section contains all the guidelines you will need for reproducing our corporate logo. Click on the title buttons on the left to get to the page you want to see.

Our company name

For all global corporate branding purposes, our company name is Merial. However, when you deal within your own geographic areas, you should refer to Merial by the name it is known in your own country. For example: Merial SAS, Merial Limited, Merial GmbH, Merial Pty and so on.

What the logo means

Our logo is an abstract design which represents three key things about us as an international company:

  • Spanning continents
  • Global horizons
  • World vision
Technical specification

The Merial logo is made up of two elements: our company namemark and the two-tone green graphic symbol. There is one simple rule which applies to this logo: the two elements must always appear together.

As with most rules, there is one exception: the Merial name may appear by itself on some signage, promotional items and product packaging. This exception is explained more fully on the section called ‘The name by itself’.

Please use the artwork on this CD ROM whenever you reproduce the logo. You’ll find it in the folder marked ‘digital files’. There are colour and black & white versions available. Alternatively, you can download the logo from our Intranet.

Note: This version of the logo shown is the one you should use when you print it on a white background.