Graduate Recruitment Brochure

Graduate recruitment brochure

  • Client: CMS Cameron McKenna
  • Design Agency:Reef Design Management
  • Project: Graduate recruitment brochure and website, following the campaign theme of ‘Great things come from great relationships’

Is your future with us?

With your talent and ambition & our training and support, together we can create a great working relationship.

Working at any major law firm is not an easy option. The work you will do is intellectually demanding and professionally stretching. At times it will be tough.

It’s like that here at CMS Cameron McKenna. But what makes us different is we will spend time and effort investing in your future and really help you to succeed.

We’re looking for graduates who have talent, ambition and commitment – and who want to play a part in our continued success. If that sounds like you, we’ll make sure you get all the training, tools and support you need so you can perform at your best. You’ll also be assigned your own mentor who will help your talent to flourish.