Nine tips to improve your LinkedIn profile

1. Use keywords

Think what people might type in to find someone like you and use these words in your headline, your skills and expertise, your summary and your experience. Here are the words I use in my current job title.
Marketing copywriter ★ Tone of voice specialist ★ Web writer ★ LinkedIn profile writer

2. Make your profile stand out with icons

LinkedIn isn’t that great as a word processor, but you can copy and paste icons from Word into your profile. Here are some for you to use:
★⇨ ► ◄ ► ■ ◆● ✔✘☐✉☏

3. Use images

Insert photos into your profile to bring it to life. Maybe you have a shot of you at a recent event or of you giving a talk at a seminar?

4. Use video

People love watching videos – especially ‘how to’ videos – so upload some from your YouTube channel to your LinkedIn profile.

5. Include some projects you have worked on

To show the scope and variety of work you do, describe some projects you have worked on under the Projects section.

6. Make sure your profile is complete

If you have published any ebooks, white papers or physical books, include these. Same goes for any languages you know, certifications and awards you have gained or course you have attended.

7. Turn your headline from a job title to a benefit

Rather than say, Owner ABC Writing or Freelance writer,  my headline says:
“Copywriter who can raise the impact of your marketing communications”.

8. Showcase your work

Include examples of your work on your profile so potential clients can see for themselves the calibre of what you do.

9. Include your contact details in your summary

Make it easy for people to get in touch with you by including your email, phone and website details in your summary.

What steps are you going to put in place today to improve your LinkedIn profile? 

Image copyright: seewhatmitchsee