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Earn 50% commission

For every sale of my e-course and my e-books you make, you will receive 50% of the net sale price. That’s right – HALF goes to you.

Here are the products you can promote:

Start earning and join my affiliate programme!

Here’s how to sign up if you are new to e-junkie

  • If you aren’t yet signed up as an affiliate on e-junkie, head on over to:
  • Once you have done this (or if you are an affiliate already, log into e-junkie) and click on the Affiliate admin in the top nav bar
  • Click on ‘Get Affiliate Code’ (second one down in the list).
  • Select my name in the merchant list (if you already are signed up to other e-junkie affiliate programs, choose ‘Carole Seawert’ from the drop down list).
  • Click on the red ‘Get Affiliate Code’ link and you get a choice of links. Either you can click on the ‘Common affiliate hop link’ which takes you to a general affiliate page listing my e-books and e-courses. Copy and paste this code they provide into your website.The default text they provide is ‘Click here to visit Carole Seawert’ which takes you to the affiliate page of my website. Of course, you can change the text to something else if you wish. Such as ‘Check out Carole Seawert’s e-products’.The better option is to opt for the product specific link (you can find that further down the page on ejunkie) which will take you directly to that product’s sales page. You can also copy and paste code for a direct sale button which takes your prospective buyer directly to buy this particular product.

Start earning and join my affiliate programme!

Some email text to help you promote my products

If you are  promoting 101 Top Copywriting Tips and 101 Top Freelancing Tips, here is same sample text for you to use in your emails to your list of contacts.

Sample text 1

Sample text 2